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To make it easier for you here is the infromation that you will need:

Location: http://www.ka3pmw.com/index.php

If you wisk you can use a photo located at http://www.ka3pmw.com/ka3pmw.jpg

Or you can upload the picture to your site and use this:

<a href="http://www.ka3pmw.com/"target="_blank">KA3PMW Web Site<img src="ka3pmw.jpg"alt="KA3PMW Web Site"></a>

NOTE: <img src= tag may require you to put the folder that the .jpg file is in before the ka3pmw.jpg as well as any dditional formatting.

Here is what the picture looks like:


To use without the picture:

<a href="http://www.ka3pmw.com/"target="_blank">KA3PMW Web Site <alt="KA3PMW Web Site"></a>