How to Connect N3FJP software to FLDigi


For contests other than Field Day, there are some things you should be aware of and do to N3FJP software and FLDigi before you can use them together.

The steps are:

1. Connect your sound card and turn it on.

2. Bring up the correct N3FJP program and be sure that the following is set. Under Setup some of the contests like NAQP have a "REQUIRED" section. This section configures the N3FJP logger for4 the par4ticular contest. For example, NAQP has a place in setup for the following: see below



You need to setup the State, The name you send and the transmitter ID you send. Also you need to set the type of contest that it is. In the example above, RTTY is selected. If this is not set correctly, N3FJP will reject the entry from FLDigi and give you a message that the mode is incorrect. It will log the contact, but the log will have the wrong mode.

The next thing to check is the Application Program Interface (API) interface. Be sure it is turned on and set as below:

This is what FLDigi connects to in order to transfer the information. If it is not set correctly the transfer will fail.

Now that N3FJP is set up correctly, minimize it.  DO NOT CLOSE IT. It must be open while you are using FLdigi. It is the first thing you open and the last thing you close.

3. Now open FLDigi. It shouldn't matter what other programs that you have FLDigi set up to open. At this point we are going to set FLDigi to log to N3FJP.

First we need to set up the Contest/Logging on the pull down menu. Click Configure >  N3FJP logs from this menu. It should look like this:

Be sure you have the connect box checked. Once it is checked, it may take a few moments to actually connect. When you get green in the diamond below the check box you may click on Save and then Close.

The next thing you have to do is set FLDigi for the contest. This is critical. Click Configure > Contest. The screen must be set up this way:

You can opt to leave the single click to capture Rx word unchecked if you like.

The next thing to is to configure the radio mode. This has to be USB regardless of the actual mode you are running. This is located under the  frequency display. Finally select the Op-Mode from the pull down menu.

Now you are ready to go. I recommend that you test everything first. To do this, in NAQP, send a call sign, name, and state. then transfer them.

Click on the name and call

Now you need the State. to transfer this, right click on the state and select state from the drop down list.

Once that is done you can click on the Save icon, the one above the 3 in KA3PMW in the above screen shot, and that should send everything ti N3FJP and clear the fields. If it fails the fields will not be cleared.

Be sure to go to N3FJP and delete your test before the contest.